Vancouver Red Light District


Vancouver Canada has one of the bigger red light districts in all of Canada. It is one of the places where prostitution is legal, but you have a lot more than that. You have some of the best nightlife scenes, a cosmopolitan city and the sex industry is thriving. You can find anything legal here no matter what it is that you are looking for. The sex shops are large enough to keep every item in stock and the variety in them is great. If strip clubs are your thing then you only need to head to one of the many in the city.

Vancouver Red Light District


While not too many people think of Vancouver as the perfect adult travel location, one look at their strip clubs may quickly change their minds. The strip clubs are classy and when compared to some destinations you do not spend nearly as much. The dancers are some of the best that you will ever see and they come from all parts of the world. The strippers in the Vancouver clubs are some of the most daring and going into one is worth every penny. You can also be certain that you will not be exploited (not as much as in other places anyway). Unless you had too much to drink you will always know what you are paying and what you are paying it for.


When you hear the words "red light district" the first thing that comes to mind is Amsterdam and the prostitution in the area. Vancouver is different in a couple of things. While prostitution is legal here, advertising it is not. That means that you should not expect the ladies to advertise themselves behind the glass. Brothels are not legal either which seems to be contradictory to legal prostitution, but it is done to help ensure that the women are not exploited. Street walking is not legal either, and that is why the city, even though it has legalized prostitution remains safe and one where you would not necessarily be able to tell unless you absolutely knew.

Vancouver Red Light District

The way that adult business is conducted in Vancouver is through the internet. Some "escorts" have their own websites while others will be found in advertisement websites and classifieds. You Can do your thing when you are in Vancouver without getting in trouble and remaining safe unlike in other red light districts. You can find most of the action in the Kingsway strip, but escorts are all over the city, many times offering their services from their residence or hotels.

Sex Shops

The best sex shops in Canada are in Vancouver and most of the really good ones are located downtown Vancouver. That is convenient because you can go shopping for particular fun items without having to go too far. You will not have to go into many stores to find the toys or movies that you are looking for. The best stores carry everything so you may not even have to go to more than one. Some of the stores are very popular with both men and women so if you are going as a couple you will not get looks for it. If the Vancouver red light district is not on your list then you should add it. Vancouver should in fact be near the top of your list.

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