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Vanuatu Travel

After becoming an independent state in 1980, Vanuatu fully opened its doors to the world of tourists. The islands where most activities for visitors take place are Efate, Espiritu Santo and Tanna. It is in these places visitors could find tours operators that would arrange all kinds of excursions for them. The capital, Port-Vila provides opportunities for travelers to enjoy local dishes; participate in watersports or go around looking at some landmarks. WW11 relics and wrecks could be seen along the seabed.

Vanuatu Travel

The beautiful coral reefs and beaches offer nice locations for swimmers, scuba divers and fishers. The waters are crystal clear and the beaches, sandy and white.

Hikers would love Vanuatu : there are several mountains and rainforests they could walk through. This also offers a direct view of the coastlines and the coconut plantations.

It is possible to reach the summit of an active volcano named Yasur, located on Tanna Island . Visitors could have the opportunity of looking directly at the active volcanic activity in action.

The people of Vanuatu are religious: and they enjoy performing a ritual leap (known as Naghol). Visitors could see this ritual leaping live on Pentecost Island.

Traditional dances and music in Vanuatu are great forms of entertainment in this South Pacific Island . Foreign visitors could try local dishes and relax at the bars and restaurants.

Portuguese explorers discovered the nation of Vanuatu in the early 16 th century, but it was another two hundred years with the arrival of Captain James Cook that Europeans actually settled on this island chain. This fact alone explains why Vanuatu remains mostly untouched by Western influences and continues to practice ancient traditions such as land diving.

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