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Venezuela is a spectacular country in Northern South America because of its variety of landscape, wildlife and attractions. The nation has tremendous waterfalls, the cloud-piercing Andes Mountains , and the Amazonian jungles. The country is fascinating all year; the dramatic Angel Falls is spectacular in the rainy months (May through October), while hiking outdoors may be more enjoyable during the dry season.

Venezuela Travel

There are several excellent attractions that bring tourists consistently to Venezuela . One of the most relaxing spots is found on the Archipielago Los Roques. These are a cluster of nearly three-hundred islands just off the mainland. They give the impression of relaxing seclusion because they lack the obstruction of obtuse hotels.

The divers' paradise can be found under these islands' waves. There are underwater diving instructors as well as expert tour guide to fascinate divers. Furthermore, because the islands of Los Roques compose a national park, there is excellent wildlife living on the islands that fortunate viewers will be able to observe.

Another tourist attraction that is essential for travelers to include in their travel plans is the striking view of Catatumbo Lightening. Here on a clear night, visitors will see a continuous series of lighting flashing in the sky without the expectant clang of thunder. Most likely this is caused by the interaction of the cold Andes air with the humid atmosphere above the nation. There is no other place on earth to see such a strange sight, so it is worth the effort to come to Venezuela.

Venezuela 's coast offers beautiful beaches that tend to allure the most tourists. Here visitors can lie out and enjoy the sandy, tranquil shore. There are great restaurants along the coasts. Typical Venezuelan food is called comida criolla. The people are excellent cooks, so travelers will not be disappointed. The typical dishes include yams, yuccas, plantains, beef, and beans. As expected, the Venezuelans also prepare traditional Caribbean seafood.

Anyone with the desire to participate in a famous cultural pastime will be interested in walking the shops. Shopping is a very popular activity in Venezuela . Some of the shops that may allure tourists will be the crafts constructed by local Venezuelans such as hand baskets, painted masks, and wooden sculptures.

With the beautiful weather, spectacular scenery, and adventurous pursuits available in Venezuela , the nation continues to draw visitors every year. Accommodations are available from modest to extravagant and they each have excellent tour packages to offer guests during their stay.

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