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Can I Drink the Water?

Have you heard bad things about drinking the water in other countries? There is good reason to both panic and laugh the rumors off, depending on where in the world you are going. For instance, everyone has heard that you should not drink the water in Mexico . However, many tourists have stated that London , England 's water is just fine and probably safer than your own country's supply. Other countries such as Japan , India and Italy seem to have conflicting reports.

First of all, what causes corrupted water to run? It is obviously not the ethnicity of the region-water is water. The problem usually lies in the local infrastructure. If the country or even the municipality has old piping systems that are corroded or that are poorly maintained, then the quality of the water will be compromised. This is especially true in poor countries that may not be able to afford healthier water filtration. Sometimes it's not just a matter of a superior design; natural disasters such as earthquakes can impact the water supply system.

There will always be new information that will update you on the safety of water in various global regions. The best bet is to avoid tap water wherever you travel, unless you read specific and newly updated information that says otherwise. Is this really possible? How do you avoid water from every source? After all, even if you avoid drinking tap water, you may still have to use shower and bath water, ice cubes, water for brushing your teeth, and cups of water to make your tea or coffee.

The best solution is to bring bottled water for meals, along with your own bag of ice. However, some tourists have found other ways to drink safely. They may choose to boil their water in a pan and then let it cool in a covered container. There are also ways to disinfect water with special filters or through chemical means. If this is your goal then try to use both a filter and a chemical solution.

Asking restaurant personnel for drinks in sealed containers only, and avoiding getting shower water in your mouth or nose, may not be overreactions. Remember that studies have shown that unclean tap water can contain viruses that lead to cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis and typhoid fever, while lakes and rivers can contain numerous toxins and even traces of human waste.

"They" can laugh if they must, but at least you will come home from your trip happy and healthy.

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