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Why Consider an Activity Break

An activity holiday may sound like fun, but for many people the idea of going away with the expectation of being thoroughly entertained and challenged each day may sound like a very expensive goal. However, with a fresh perspective on accommodation and activities, such a getaway needn't break the bank.

As the name suggests, an activity break is all about the activities, so holidaymakers should rethink their destination ideas. Britain offers a great array of challenging and fun things to do. As such, holidaymakers can save money on expensive flights to lounge on far-flung beaches and head to a beautiful part of the British countryside for a much more entertaining time instead.

For families looking to keep their children entertained, a stay in one of the Youth Hostel Association's properties could be the perfect budget solution.  Through their activity breaks scheme, the YHA will help to match its guests with activities they'll love, while providing comfortable, affordable accommodation too.

As more and more money-smart people are realising, hostels aren't just for students and backpackers! With high-quality accommodation available without the hotel price tag, it's well worth considering as a family, couple or single person wishing to explore a new place. In fact, some YHA hostels even let kids eat for free, showing just how family-friendly hostels can be.  

Depending on what holidaymakers choose to do, an activity break can provide the perfect antidote to unpredictable weather, or it can truly help visitors get the most from a certain part of the county. From water sports in Devon to mountain biking in Snowdonia, those with an adventurous spirit can thrive whatever the weather.    

When planning an activity break, families should ensure that everyone will be able to take part. Many activities, such as orienteering, allow everyone to take part at their own level. Some can run, some can walk from point to point, but everyone can feel included and have a great day.  

To keep costs down, holidaymakers should be sure to pack suitable clothing - including footwear - for their chosen activities. That way, a day spent traling round the shops while on holiday can be avoided.

It's a good idea to plan all activities before the holiday begins to avoid wasting precious time. Consulting the weather forecast can be useful, but tourists should be as prepared as possible for all eventualities weather-wise by finding out about a wide range if things to do.


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