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Festivals celebrate cultural and ethnic practices, pass down age old traditions, commemorate losses or victories in war, are a good chance to down some food and beverage and meet with friends. They can celebrate anything from mobile phones to wife carrying, the theatre, food and wine, comedy, film, music or the gay scene. Many are exuberant like the Carnival, entertaining like camel racing or downright bizarre like bog snorkelling. However the great thing is that they both entertain and educate, create a sense of identity for ethnic or community groups and encourage interaction. These fests, feasts and fiestas around the world are some of the best known, most unusual or entertaining.

New Year’s Eve

Arts / Crafts / Collectibles Festivals
Those that love art, the creation or exhibition of it and unusual collections or even gemstones will appreciate these annual events around the world.

Boating Festivals
These festivals celebrate the love of boating crafts of all kinds from milk carton designs to bathtubs and seriously fast yachts.

Boating festivals

Big insects, a giant penis, bog snorkelling and moose droppings… they’re all part and parcel of the world’s most unusual festivals. Only in these festivals can you toe wrestle or throw a mobile phone and win a prize for it!

For a good belly laugh head to Montreal, Melbourne, Kilkenny or New York for some of the best comedy festivals around the world.

Costume / Party / Dance
Let your hair down, swing your hips and boogie it out at some of the greatest party locations in the world. From Rio to Venice and New Orleans the music, costumes, glitz and pizzazz helps get these endless parties started.

Equestrian, Racing and other Animal Festivals
From motor vehicles to charging camels, bullfighting to horseraces, these events are designed to entertain, inspire and impress whether the racing “vehicle” has 1000 horsepower or four legs.

Fairs and Harvest

These festivals traditionally celebrated the seasons or a particularly good harvest whether that be cherry blossoms in Japan or cherries in Michigan. Today many take on a humorous tone but are often a good chance for regional and agricultural communities to gather together.

These festivals celebrate the magic of the cinema and are often a great place for young film makers to cut their teeth, for the avid fan to see some of their favourite stars and a chance for independent and regional films to shine.

The bohemian elements of folk festivals around the world attract people in droves. In Australia it gives you the chance to pitch your tent for a week and attend daily workshops and concerts or be similarly self reliant in America’s Nevada Desert. You can learn about indigenous arts, take part in healing ceremonies and engage in all kinds of self-expression.

Food and Beverages
Chase a cheese, down as much ale as you can or make a boat from empty beer cans in these food and beverage festas around the world. From South Africa to Montreal and Spain to England everyone loves to eat, drink and make merry.

Heritage and historical
Eat an American pie, toss the caber or blow the bagpipes to celebrate these historical and heritage festivals.

Find yourself a groom in the ancient marriage festival of the Tuareg and Wodaabe people or join in a wedding marathon atop the Empire State building. These “til death do us part” celebrations are about love, loyalty and companionship with a fair dose of the theatrical.

Whether your penchant be for blues, jazz, R&B, classical or country there’s tunes a plenty for those that make it to these locations.

New Year’s Eve
Dragons, fireworks, mare’s milk or water are just some of the ways cultures around the world celebrate the beginning of the New Year.

Outback Australia
The odd events of outback Australia merit their own entry in this list of festivals. The Aussie bush is renowned as being the nurse and tutor of eccentric minds. Out here you can race goats, camels and wheel bins, down a few stubbies and enjoy the relaxed nature of the outback.
The marching of penitents, a parade of wooden crosses, painful skin piercing or the decoration of graves marks the solemn, colourful and often exuberant religious festivals of the world. Many are inclusive of all so even if you aren’t Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Catholic you can join in these festivities.

From kite flying to archery and wrestling to hot air balloons, sports festivals are colourful and fun. For the armchair fan it’s the perfect way to see some real life action without getting grubby, while for the more active there are plenty of opportunities to join in the fun.

Extreme Sports
Unless you have a death wish it’s probably better to watch these extreme masochistic acts than join in. A native form of bungee heralds an event in the Pacific or you could watch one of the most extreme ultra marathons in the USA. All these events have a “no pain no gain” style of motto.

”He who suffers remembers” is one of the features of these marathons held anywhere from the Tibetan Plateau, to the Great Wall, in Europe’s great cities or America’s deserts.

Triathlon and Ironman
The fittest athletes in the world take part in some of these events although they do have non-elite categories for the everyday competitor. Many take place in fantastic coastal and lakeside locations.

The key events on the world tennis circuit are the grand slams. Each has a slightly different character and atmosphere but all attract the biggest names in tennis.

Just because they’re the coldest places in the world doesn’t mean people can’t get out for some fun. From ice fishing to sculpting, sleigh rides to skating there’s lots of fun to be had on the snow and ice.


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