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Tours and Safaris in Zambia are excellent ways to become acquainted with the wildlife and landscape the nation has to offer. Located in central Africa, the nation shares the outstanding Victoria Falls with Zimbabwe. This impressive site can be enjoyed on foot, over a bridge, or even suspended by a bungee cord. However one chooses to view Victoria Falls, it should be included in any travel plan. 

Zambia Travel

Zambian safaris are great excursions for travelers to take advantage of. There are many options; for instance, safaris can be self-guided or with an expert tour guide. They can also be done on an elephant ride, on foot, or in a jeep. The wildlife that travelers can expect to see on a safari include rhinos, leopards, cheetahs, lions, African birds, and many small rodents unique to Zambia.

In lakes or rivers, tourists may see a hippo or crocodile. Arrangements can be made beforehand through a travel agent, or in Zambia at a hotel or at a local establishment offering tours and safaris. Safaris are arranged based on what the specific traveler wishes most to see.

Zambia prides itself on their National Parks. These parks display both wildlife and beautiful vegetation. The rivers and rain allow the landscape to stay green and fertile, and to support village life. South Luanga National Park is an excellent place to visit because it offers pleasing scenery and a wide range of lodging. The safaris in this park are done on foot through dense forest with several breeds of wild animals. The hiking should be left to daylight hours, as evening walks are unsafe.


Another adventurous activity in Zambia is white water rafting. The best place to raft is on the Zambezi River. This is the third largest river in Zambia , but it still produces substantial white water to thrill and excite any visitor. This river is the same powerful waterway that formed the magnificent Victoria Falls.

The Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage is an attraction unique to Zambia. This is a safe haven for chimpanzees that would be endangered by poaching if left outside the orphanage. The orphanage is available for people that are truly interested in chimps and willing to pay for accommodation to visit.

When preparing to travel to Zambia , travelers need to take vaccination precautions against Malaria, Yellow Fever, and Cholera. Also, winter season is May through September and visitors during this time will need to bring a jacket. The dry summer months are October and November. The warmest time of year is actually during the rainy season, which usually lasts from December through April. Zambia is a wonderful country to visit throughout the year because it is rarely oppressively warm and it offers a variety of sights and experiences for travelers.

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