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Zimbabwe is a nation with extravagant scenery and exciting activities. This land-locked nation offers winding rivers for exploration and relaxing natural parks with beautiful views.

Zimbabwe has many adventurous attractions and tours to offer travelers. Hiking, viewing the natural surroundings, and observing the art displays are all spectacular activities to enjoy in the colourful nation of Zimbabwe. And despite what you might think does have good tourist facilities including good Zimbabwe restaurants.

Zimbabwe travel information

The months that receive the most rain are November through March, while the dry, sunny season is from April through October. Each month experiences its fair share of sunshine, the rainfall and cooler temperatures are most dramatically noticed at higher altitudes. 

The remarkable Victoria Falls is shared by both Zimbabwe and Zambia. The park that surrounds the Falls offers beautiful scenery but the grandeur of the waterfall is what compels visitors to the area. Niagara Falls is only half as tall as Victoria Falls.

The swell of the water varies throughout the year. During the rainy season, the Falls are overwhelming and onlookers will walk away dripping after crossing the bridge over the Falls. Although it is impressive during this time of year, the water may obstruct the view. On the other hand, during the dry season, spectators will be able to fully appreciate the rock structure underneath the water, while the actual water supply may be low.

Zimbabwe travel

The many National Parks vividly display Zimbabwe 's efforts in wilderness conservation. One of the popular places visitors should place on their must-see list is the Nyanga National Park. This park affords tourists with hiking trails through both lush forestry and desert-like terrain. The Nyangombe Falls is located here, which is the second largest waterfall in the nation. Also, for the more adventurous traveler, Mt. Nyangami invites hikers to climb. Although this peak is the tallest in Zimbabwe , most people can reach the summit in a few hours. There are also beautiful camping grounds in this park.

Many travelers desire to see animals in their natural habitat in Zimbabwe . The Hwange National Park is the best location to see several species of birds, a large population of elephants, and over one hundred other animals. During the dry season these animals surround the watering areas, so they are easy to see.

The Zimbabwe National Art Gallery is fascinating because it displays several varieties of traditional art forms in an elegant colonial building. After observing the different art, visitors can look through the gift shop, relax in the café, or watch the artists work in the studio.
In order to access Zimbabwe, various vaccinations must be up to date. It is recommended to get a Yellow Fever, Malaria, and Cholera vaccination. Also, taking pictures of political demonstrations or throughout the cities is not recommended. The Zimbabwe government does not allow accredited journalists into the country. Sometimes taking pictures can be construed as practicing journalism and this may result in deportation.

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