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The eGuide travel guide offers readers the world’s best travel information. As passionate travellers our aim is to share travel experiences and provide the travel information that you need to plan your trip. The travel guide is organised by country, by place and by subject area. To search travel use the navigation above, the search box or if you prefer a long list of pages then the site map has it all.

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The eGuide travel guide offers readers the world’s best travel information. As passionate travellers our aim is to share travel experiences and provide the travel information that you need to plan your trip. We do suggest to check out our tours that we have available for most countries in the world. It does make sense to book ahead and secure the best tours and saves a lot of time and hassle once you arrive.

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Every continent has wonderful natural attractions to visit. On the eGuide travel guide we do try and feature as many as we can. Some of the natural attractions that stand out are the Grand Canyon and well worth walking into if you have time.

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Also in the USA are the Niagara Falls and look magnificent from a boat at the bottom of the falls. In Australia Uluru the huge rock in the centre provides a spiritual uplift and a contrast is the Great Barrier Reef.

In Europe an easy explore for travellers are the Fjords of Norway of the Alps. Around the world are some amazing forests and trees a stand out being Sequoia National Park in California.

World Marathons

Sometimes when we travel we need a reason. One that can challenge is run a marathon. We have picked some of the best marathons in the words to choose from. May be something famous like the Boston Marathon, or flat and easy such as the Gold Coast Marathon in Australia. There seem to be marathons everywhere and you can run along the Great Wall of China or even in the games parks of Africa. It all started in Greece and there is still the Athens Marathon. And if you want to run between two countries then the Niagara Falls Marathon starts in Buffalo in the USA and ends at Niagara Falls in Canada.

For specific destinations the team at eGuide have written eGuides for many major destinations. These can be found using the travel search which connects all our travel websites or just search for your destination and add the word “eGuide” and our local travel guide will be found.

Best road trips

Travelling by car along the open road is a wonderful travel adventure. The eGuide travel team have driven on many roads and includes the Amalfi Coast in Italy, the Antrim Coast Road in Northern Ireland, memorable due its remoteness. For danger and those into adventure travel the Karakoram Highway in Pakistan. More placid with plenty to see and distract are the Great Ocean Road in Australia, the Garden Route in South Africa and driving the French Riviera from Nice to Monaco. In the USA the coastal routes of California and on the East Coast the drive from Miami to Key West is very scenic.

On this travel guide we share with you all the travel trends and accommodation is no longer simple and we see maximalism, no frills, art hotels, design hotels, vacation rentals, overwater, underwater and even glamping for those who like to camp in comfort. Very soon there will be regular departures into space from the new spaceport in New Mexico. For those travelling to Germany have a look at Hotels München for a good choice of German hotels.

It is critical that travel insurance is arranged as we hear many stories of travellers not having insurance and having huge bills. This is very much an issue in the USA where hospital bills are expensive. Thailand we are finding has a large number of accidents mainly due to riding motor bikes.

The travel writers at eGuide are always researching and writing to make sure we have the very best world travel guide. Below are some recent travel updates.

Shackleton Crossing, South Georgia Island
K2 Base Camp, Pakistan
Kungsleden, Sweden
Grand Canyon, USA
Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal
Rockwall Trail, Canada
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Paine Circuit, Chile
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